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    • Date: January 29, 2022
    • Time: 10:30 AM
    • Location: Lewes Public Libary


October 30, 2021
The General Meeting Minutes from October 30th, 2021 have been posted.


Special Announcement: Boat Owners and Residents bordering Red Mill Pond please click <HERE>


September 23, 2021
As you may or may not be aware Sussex County will be evaluating the county’s more than 180,000 commercial and residential properties and will have their assessed value recalculated based on current industry-accepted methodologies to produce new assessments that will reflect their true value.
The reassessment process is scheduled to begin the first week of October and will be carried out by Tyler Technologies, the county contractor, by going door to door reviewing properties and taking measurements of both structural and land.
Tyler Technologies assessors will be identifiable by wearing yellow vents and caring a photo ID.  If questioned, they should provided you with their photo ID and a contact number for verification.
Correction:  Both the schedule and photos of the assessors posted online have been updated and can be found by clicking HERE.  Please scroll to the bottom of the  page and click Data Collectors for photos of the assessors, click Data Collection Activity for the tax district currently being studied. 
Overbrook Shores’ tax district is 235
Additional information regarding the County’s Reassessment Project can be found by clicking HERE.

September 22, 2021
The picnic on Sept. 18th was a big hit that was enjoyed by all thanks to the community effort of:
Barbara B., Committee Chair
Barb & George C.
Jo B.
Maureen & Jim W.
Linda & James N.
Lorraine & David N.
Pat & Bob S.
Wayne W.
You made it happen and we sincerely…

 Thank You !!!


136 RSVP’s  WOW!

September 2, 2021
The proxy form for the October General Meeting has been updated and posted under the above menu item “Homeowner Info”  by clicking Forms & Documents .  Please complete the form, give it to your proxy and have them attend the meeting to cast a ballot on your behalf.
We will be voting to amend our by-laws during the October General Meeting.  The proposed amendment, updated per your feedback, is also available under menu item “Homeowner Info” above on the Forms & Documents page.
Please Note:  Our by-laws may be amended by a vote of the majority of those in attendance, but not less than 25% of the total Membership, in person or by proxy.  The amendment may be dropped if the October General Meeting lacks the number of lot owners (79) required for a binding vote.

August 25, 2021
As you may have heard there was a home invasion within our community in the early morning of Monday, August 23rd on W. Mill Run.  To see the news report click here Cape Gazette
The Overbrook Shores community is sorry that this has happened, there was nothing said or done that made you deserve this.
We care for you.  And within our community you have friends that will offer you support and give you the time to heal; helping you feel safer as you talk through your feelings and help you get back to a normal routine and good health.
Out of respect for privacy, know that we offer you our support.

August 16, 2021
FAQs Updates.   New items address  a) Quiet Hours and  b) RV, Watercraft, Trailer Parking.  Plus updated Selling / Refinancing POC. 


Board and Committee Members also be found under the Homeowners Info tab as well as Frequently Asked Questions


Links to DelDOT Projects

Project: SR1, Minos Conaway Road Grade Separated Intersection.

Start date 2023 End date 2025

Project: SR1 and Cave Neck Road Grade Separated Intersection

Start date 2024 End date 2025


Go to website above and go to planning and design for both projects also you can leave comments on their website.

Delaware Hospice

For forms and directives from Delaware Hospice go to delawarehospice.org http://delawarehospice.org   go to patient resorces

http://sussexcountyde.gov/smart911  Learn more about smart 911 and how to set up your personnel profile for emergency responders in your area

Free Library Exchange for Overbrook Shores Residents

Overbrook Shores has it’s own “Free Library”.  So share your books, magazine and other reading material.  The Library is located in the boat dock area.

Flooding in Overbrook Shores – Here is contact at DNREC:

DJ Roach, Project Engineer:                               Daniel.Roach@state.de.us

       Melissa Hubert – Program Manager Tax Ditch DNREC Drainage Section   Melissa.Hubert@state.de.us

Local Office:
Division of Watershed Stewardship
21309 Berlin Rd. Unit #6
Georgetown, De 19947 (302-855-1930)

Delaware State Police Community Outreach info:
  • Cpl/1 Lew Kester DSP Troop 7   Lewis.Kester@state.de.us    302-703-3312
  • Cpl/3 Rickey Hargis DSP Troop 7 rickey.hargis@state.de.us 302-752-3804

Questions or suggestions for the website contact: NONE.

Note: Overbrook Shores is in need of a volunteer to manage this website.  Please contact a member of the board if interested in fulfilling with role.

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