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    • Date: October 28, 2023
    • Time: 10:30 AM -- Sign-in @ 10:15 AM
    • Location: Milton Library


September 20, 2023

2023 Annual Picnic & Anniversary

Please click HERE view and read the report of our celebration on September 16th.


Please see below:

a) 2023 Annual Picnic Announcement / RSVP 
b) 2023 Annual Garden Tour Announcement


August 7, 2023
July 29th Annual Meeting
Minutes for the July 29th, 2023 Annual Meeting have been posted.


August 7, 2023

2023 Annual Community Picnic / 50th Anniversary

Please click HERE for the announcement, date, time, location and RSVP contact info.  Link is password protected.

August 7, 2023

2023 Annual Garden Tour Announcement


April 17, 2023

Dogs running at large

Please be mindful of the Delaware’s Regulatory Provisions Concerning Public Health. Specifically, Animal Welfare General Provisions Concerning Dog (Title 16, Chapter 30F, Subchapter IV)
No dog, unless specifically exempted, shall be permitted to run at large outside at any time, and must be secured by means of a leash that is capable of physically restraining the movement of the dog. A dog is not at large if it is within the real property limits of its owner, or on private property with permission, or within a vehicle being driven or parked.’
The statue goes on to state initial and subsequent fines for any dog, female dogs while in heat, or any dog bites a person while running at large.
So be a good neighbor.
  1. If you are familiar with a dog running at large, contact its owner.  
  2. If you are not familiar the dogs’ owner or if the dog presents a danger to person or pet, contact Delaware Office of Animal Welfare; Phone Number: (302) 255-4646


April 11, 2023
During this months’ General Meeting two major events will occur; elections and the budget approval.  Hence….
The General Meeting will be held at the Milton Library on Saturday, April 29th starting at 10:30 AM.  Please arrive a bit early to sign-in and get situated.
If you are unable to attend in person (and in good standing) please complete a proxy form, give the completed and signed form to your designated proxy and have them attend the meeting in person in order to cast a ballot and vote on your behalf.
(obsolete)  A  proxy form and preliminary agenda is available to you posted under the menu item above call “Homeowner Info”  then clicking Forms & Documents“.
(however)  Minutes have been posted on May 3, 2023 under “Homeowner Info”  then clicking General Meetings“.


March 7th, 2023
Cave Neck Road Association 
Paynter’s Mill, in connection with Red Fox Run, is trying to develop an association to include developments along Cave Neck Road that would have a similar interest in monitoring and having a say in what is going to be developed on the other side (east side) of Rt 1 / Coastal Hwy & Cave Neck Rd.  The group is shooting to get together later this spring.  Invitations have also be sent to Vincent Overlook and Windstone. 
If interested in being a part of the ‘association’ and assisting in sharing information, please contact David Thompson, OSHA President @ dvdlt.dc@gmail.com or leave a message @ (202) 379-8504.


December 4th, 2022
Snow Markers???  YES!!!
It is that time of year when you should be planning on putting out a couple of snow markers (2-4) along your yard a couple of inches in from the edge of the street’s road surface to 1) alert snowplows where the road boundaries are and/or 2) help protect your yard and any irrigation system from damage due to ‘over-plowing’.  If you live on a straight away there may not be a strong need, but snow stakes are strongly recommended if you live on a section of road that require maneuvering around obstacles or negotiating curves or bends in the road and along intersections.
Per our snow removal contact, the company advises homeowners to “Install snow stakes to help prevent damage to curbs, walks, grass, irrigation heads and other objects that may be damaged by snowplows.”  Although the contractor will exercise reasonable care to avoid damage, the contractor will not be held liable for any turf, irrigation, or curb damage if snow stakes are not installed.
Snow stakes can be found at Walmart online or at Home Depot (48″ or 24″) and Lowes (48″).


December 1st, 2022
Minutes October 29th General Meeting OSHA
October 29th, 2022 General Meeting Minutes have been posted.


November 14, 2022

Milling and repaving of some roads in Overbrook Shores will start on Wednesday, November 16.  The roads affected are:

East Mill, continuing on to South Mill and stop by the dock.
Then they will work from Cave Neck Road up Ole Grist to the stop sign at Randor.

The crew will start work at 7:30 am and end at 4:30 pm each day that they work.  Work is expected to continue for about 2 weeks.  Equipment will be left overnight near the pump station on South Mill.

If you have questions, you can contact any Board member *except* David Thompson, who is currently unavailable.


November 3, 2022
As the days become shorter and the nights longer – please, please be mindful….
Pedestrian safety is especially important as the days get shorter. Accidents involving pedestrians are far more likely to take place at night when it’s harder to see people walking.
  • Look for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists when you look for oncoming vehicles and other traffic.
  • Be especially mindful in at stop signs, when backing up, or parking.
  • Be extra cautious when driving in hard-to-see conditions.
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • Yield to pedestrians and give other vehicles an opportunity to see pedestrians.
  • Check before turning to see if people are trying to cross the road and to look for oncoming cars.
  • Stay alert and ditch the distractions and like texting, talking on the cell phone, or listening to headphones. Keep your eyes and ears open.
  • Be visible: Wear bright clothing (even white clothing may not be visible at night). Add reflective material or a blinking light to your jacket or backpack or carry a flashlight at night. Be extra careful when walking at dawn or dusk.
  • Walk facing traffic and as far from traffic as possible.
  • Cross with the road caution, preferably in a well lit area or cross at corners where people driving expect pedestrians. Don’t assume the coast is clear. Continue to watch for traffic as you cross — especially for turning vehicles.
  • If you wish to cross, be sure to make eye contact with drivers. If you’re not sure the driver sees you, let the vehicle go first.
  • Watch for cars entering or exiting driveways or backing up.


October 18, 2022
A preliminary agenda for the October 2022 General Meeting is available and posted under the above menu item “Homeowner Info”  by clicking Forms & Documents.
Note:  A proxy is available for this meeting.  Please visit Forms & Documents.
The General Meeting will be held at the Milton Library on Saturday, October 29th starting at 10:30 AM.  Please arrive a bit early to sign-in and get situated.


October 5, 2022

Halloween Trick ‘r Treat

Monday, October 31, 2022 from 6PM – 8PM
As always Overbrook Shores will celebrate Halloween in accordance with Milton Town Code §98-33 celebrating Halloween ‘… between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on October 31 of any year; provided, however, that if October 31 shall be a Sunday, such going from door to door and house to house for treats shall take place on the evening of October 30’. 


September 13, 2022
The picnic on Sept. 10th was a big hit second year in a row and was enjoyed by all thanks to the community effort of:
Selina B., Committee Chair
Pat & Bob S.
Lorraine & David N.
Linda & Jim N.
Josephine B.
Maureen and Jim W.
You made it happen and we sincerely…

Thank You !!!

95 RSVP’s  WOW!


September 12, 2022
Minutes July 30th General Meeting OSHA
Corrected Minutes for the July 30th, 2022 General Meeting have been posted.




May 2, 2022
Joseph Roland Hudson, co-founder of Overbrook Shores, passed away April 25, 2022.   For more information see Cape Gazette news articles by clicking  04/27/22  and/or  04/29/22 
Hudson’s development partner Stanley L. Thompson passed away in 2015.  For more information see Cape Gazette news article by clicking 06/17/15




September 23, 2021
As you may or may not be aware Sussex County will be evaluating the county’s more than 180,000 commercial and residential properties and will have their assessed value recalculated based on current industry-accepted methodologies to produce new assessments that will reflect their true value.
The reassessment process is scheduled to begin the first week of October and will be carried out by Tyler Technologies, the county contractor, by going door to door reviewing properties and taking measurements of both structural and land.
Tyler Technologies assessors will be identifiable by wearing yellow vents and caring a photo ID.  If questioned, they should provided you with their photo ID and a contact number for verification.
Correction:  Both the schedule and photos of the assessors posted online have been updated and can be found by clicking HERE.  Please scroll to the bottom of the  page and click Data Collectors for photos of the assessors, click Data Collection Activity for the tax district currently being studied. 
Overbrook Shores’ tax district is 235
Additional information regarding the County’s Reassessment Project can be found by clicking HERE.



Board and Committee Members also be found under the Homeowners Info tab as well as Frequently Asked Questions


Links to DelDOT Projects

Project: SR1, Minos Conaway Road Grade Separated Intersection.

Start date 2023 End date 2025

Project: SR1 and Cave Neck Road Grade Separated Intersection

Start date 2024 End date 2025


Go to website above and go to planning and design for both projects also you can leave comments on their website.


Delaware Hospice

For forms and directives from Delaware Hospice go to delawarehospice.org http://delawarehospice.org   go to patient resorces

http://sussexcountyde.gov/smart911  Learn more about smart 911 and how to set up your personnel profile for emergency responders in your area

Free Library Exchange for Overbrook Shores Residents

Overbrook Shores has it’s own “Free Library”.  So share your books, magazine and other reading material.  The Library is located in the boat dock area.

Flooding in Overbrook Shores – Here is contact at DNREC:

DJ Roach, Project Engineer:                               Daniel.Roach@state.de.us

       Melissa Hubert – Program Manager Tax Ditch DNREC Drainage Section   Melissa.Hubert@state.de.us

Local Office:
Division of Watershed Stewardship
21309 Berlin Rd. Unit #6
Georgetown, De 19947 (302-855-1930)


Delaware State Police Community Outreach info:
  • Cpl/1 Lew Kester DSP Troop 7   Lewis.Kester@state.de.us    302-703-3312
  • Cpl/3 Rickey Hargis DSP Troop 7 rickey.hargis@state.de.us 302-752-3804


Questions or suggestions for the website contact: <Webmaster>.


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