• Next General Meeting:

    • Date: July 31, 2021
    • Time: 10:30 AM
    • Location: Boat Ramp


June 29, 2021
Over the next few weeks contract work involving stormwater pipe replacements will be taking place at various crossroad locations in Overbrook Shores.  Work may cause some minor inconveniences or traffic delays, but nothing serious is expected.  If there are any questions give the board a shout and we will field them with the DOT.  

June 19, 2021

Disappointed & Annoyed

I’m disappointed in the behavior of my fellow neighbor or visitor…  Recently, on or about Wednesday, June 16th our American Flag at the Free Library / Boat Ramp went missing.  
Not only did our flag disappear but so did the grate to our community funded catch basin.  This left a gaping black hole two (2) feet deep in the ground.  Left unnoticed, this could have resulted in serious injury to a child or adult, as well as being a community liability.
Whether these acts were malicious or horseplay, PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE.
View Pics Here  
David Thompson, President
Overbrook Shores Homeowners Association

Please note a change in Committees for Boat Dock Keys and Website

Minutes of the General Meeting held April 24, 2021 are available for your review.  Meetings of the April meeting and previous meetings may be found under the Homeowners Info tab on the General Meetings page.


Board and Committee Members also be found under the Homeowners Info tab as well as Frequently Asked Questions


During the General Meeting held October 2020 the President briefly discussed amending the By-laws to include imposing penalties for violations of our CC&R’s.  The conversation continued briefly during the January 2021 General Meeting whereas the proposed amendment has been shared with the community via the website.

The proposed amendment may be found under the Homeowners Info tab on the Forms and Documents page under heading Link to Covenants and By-Laws.

Please take the time to review the proposed amendment.  A copy will be available and July General Meeting.  A vote is tentatively plan during October 2021 General Meeting.

Links to DelDOT Projects

Project: SR1, Minos Conaway Road Grade Separated Intersection.

Start date 2023 End date 2025

Project: SR1 and Cave Neck Road Grade Separated Intersection

Start date 2024 End date 2025


Go to website above and go to planning and design for both projects also you can leave comments on their website.

Delaware Hospice

For forms and directives from Delaware Hospice go to delawarehospice.org http://delawarehospice.org   go to patient resorces

http://sussexcountyde.gov/smart911  Learn more about smart 911 and how to set up your personnel profile for emergency responders in your area

Free Library Exchange for Overbrook Shores Residents

Overbrook Shores has it’s own “Free Library”.  So share your books, magazine and other reading material.  The Library is located in the boat dock area.

Flooding in Overbrook Shores – Here is contact at DNREC:

DJ Roach, Project Engineer:                               Daniel.Roach@state.de.us

       Melissa Hubert – Program Manager Tax Ditch DNREC Drainage Section   Melissa.Hubert@state.de.us

Local Office:
Division of Watershed Stewardship
21309 Berlin Rd. Unit #6
Georgetown, De 19947 (302-855-1930)

Delaware State Police Community Outreach info:
  • Cpl/1 Lew Kester DSP Troop 7   Lewis.Kester@state.de.us    302-703-3312
  • Cpl/3 Rickey Hargis DSP Troop 7 rickey.hargis@state.de.us 302-752-3804

Questions or suggestions for the website contact: NONE.

Note: Overbrook Shores is in need of a volunteer to manage this website.  Please contact a member of the board if interested in fulfilling with role.

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