• * Date.......... July 27, 2024
    • * Time......... 10:30 AM
    • * Location... Milton Library, 2 Flr

Overbrook Town Center

Thanks, everyone, for all  your efforts to help defeat the OTC proposal.  Whether you wrote a letter to the newspaper or the council, sent an e-mail, made a call or sent a text. your support made an important impact on the Sussex County Council.  Thanks!!  But please keep in mind, we’re not out of the woods yet!       Pat Stone

www.know-otc.org updated today with news articles discussing the next steps with OTC.  Some of the steps include:

  • The Council will file an ordinance with the results of the April 12th vote.  Once that has been completed the 60 day clock will begin.
  • TD Rehoboth has 60 days to file an appeal with the Chancery Court.
  • The action on the appeal will be based on the Chancery docket.  Based on the nature of the case and court calendar this could take weeks or months.
  • If TD Rehoboth does not appeal within the 60 days, CZ #1770 is done/complete/finished/over with.
  • Once the court reviews, if the appeal is approved, the vote will not automatically be reversed, but the Applicant could refile an application after waiting for a 1 year period of time.
  • Also TD Rehoboth could come back before the State PLUS and Planning & Zoning Commission before or after the 60 days similar to the Lewes Village.  This would become a new application.
  • The current owner of the 114 acres could also sell the property to another individual(s) – including another farmer ☺



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