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    Next General Meeting:

    • Date: April 24, 2021
    • Time & Location: 10:30 AM - Boat Ramp
    • Agenda: Proposed 2021-2022 Budget and Elections for VP, Treasurer & 3 At-Large Directors
    • Agenda, Ballot and Proxy can be found on the General Meetings page under the Homeowner Info tab

    Overbrook Town Center

    Thanks, everyone, for all  your efforts to help defeat the OTC proposal.  Whether you wrote a letter to the newspaper or the council, sent an e-mail, made a call or sent a text. your support made an important impact on the Sussex County Council.  Thanks!!  But please keep in mind, we’re not out of the woods yet!       Pat Stone

    www.know-otc.org updated today with news articles discussing the next steps with OTC.  Some of the steps include:

    • The Council will file an ordinance with the results of the April 12th vote.  Once that has been completed the 60 day clock will begin.
    • TD Rehoboth has 60 days to file an appeal with the Chancery Court.
    • The action on the appeal will be based on the Chancery docket.  Based on the nature of the case and court calendar this could take weeks or months.
    • If TD Rehoboth does not appeal within the 60 days, CZ #1770 is done/complete/finished/over with.
    • Once the court reviews, if the appeal is approved, the vote will not automatically be reversed, but the Applicant could refile an application after waiting for a 1 year period of time.
    • Also TD Rehoboth could come back before the State PLUS and Planning & Zoning Commission before or after the 60 days similar to the Lewes Village.  This would become a new application.
    • The current owner of the 114 acres could also sell the property to another individual(s) – including another farmer ☺



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