• * Date.......... July 27, 2024
    • * Time......... 10:30 AM
    • * Location... Milton Library, 2 Flr

2023 Annual Picnic & Anniversary Celebration


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Overbrook Shores Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Milton, DE – Picnic perfect weather greeted more than 163 neighbors, family and friends as the Overbrook Shores Homeowners Association (OSHA) celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Community Boat Dock on Saturday, September 16, 2023 from 1 to 4 p.m. “You could not have asked for a better day,” said Ed Shockley, drummer/vocalist for the band Fun Size that performed a variety of 60’s and 70’s tunes from the gazebo overlooking Red Mill Pond.
“This band is great,” said long-time resident Ruth Ann Baker wearing a big grin. “You should bring them back next year. I went to High School with Ed Shockley”.
The afternoon festivities began at about 1:20 p.m. when OSHA President David Thompson opened the 50th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Picnic with a welcome to the gathered crowd. He then introduced Trinidad Navarro, Delaware Insurance Commissioner, who provided examples of how the Delaware Department of Insurance meets its mission to “protect Delawareans through regulation and education while providing oversight of the insurance industry to best serve the public.” He advised us all to consider changing insurance companies to gain significant savings and to get flood insurance, because “if it rains where you live, then it can flood,” Navarro said.
As Fun Size played, attendees enjoyed a variety of tasty fare including fried chicken; and roast beef, turkey, ham, and vegetarian sandwiches — catered by Food Lion. The extraordinary array of pasta, potato and fruit salads along with macaroni and cheese, fried veggies, and more, were donated by residents. The extensive dessert table was highlighted by the beautiful and delicious 50th Anniversary Celebration cake designed and baked by Paul Tocco.
Later, Thompson provided a short history of Red Mill Pond and Overbrook Shores summarizing OSHA indeed lives up to its slogan, “Friends Live Here”. Bill Collick, a resident for over 38 years and first president of OSHA, shared how the state roads and county sewer system were set up. And invited a friend and long-time resident Ron Baker to share a few comments.
Picnickers enjoyed catching-up with neighbors, meeting new residents and old friends, and dancing to the live music. Many attendees also engaged in the corn hole tournament and about 100 boat rides on the pond.
“I’ve never been out on the pond,” said At-large Board member and former Vice President Charlotte McNaughton, “I’m going for a boat ride!” And she enjoyed it so much, she went twice.
 “We really had a fun day,” said Erik Olmstead as he expressed the sentiments repeated scores of times by many all afternoon. “Thanks for a great day”. By the way, the Olmstead family were the big corn hole competition winners.  And another guest was the lucky winner of the $140 raffle prize.
The party closed with thanks from the current Vice President Nannette Bassette, to all the volunteers, donors and participants.
The 50th Anniversary Celebration was a great success thanks to the many volunteers led by the hard work of Nannette Bassette with the 50th Anniversary Committee and Susan Tocco with the Picnic Committee. Anniversary Committee members included Nannette, chairperson, Lynda Bassette, Christine Clover, Valerie McLaughlin, Linda Porto and Lisa Weidenbush. The Picnic Committee included Susan, chairperson, Barbara Campbell, Linde Haynes, Lorey Karjewski, and Beth Marren.
The OSHA Board of Directors also wishes to thank the Committees and all the individuals who contributed to the success of the day including: James Haynes, and Mark and Wendy Kayal for the boat rides, set-up/clean-up; Paul Tocco for the beautiful cake and set-up/clean-up; Christine Clover for committee support, help with decorations, set-up/cleanup; Jo Brett for raffle ticket sales, distributing fliers, set-up/clean-up; Dennis Nardo and Stephanie Pleli for distributing fliers and sharing their corn hole game; Barbara and George Campbell for sharing their corn hole game; new neighbors Chad and Jennifer Lease and Beth Ann and Kenneth Marren for joining the set-up/clean up crew along with Butch Hall; All the many others volunteers who lent a hand with set-up and clean-up; Taco Reho (Rehoboth) for their corn hole prize donation; and ALL THE WONDERFULL COOKS for preparing the side dishes and desserts. Even if we missed printing your name please know, WE APPRECIATE YOU!
It was a day to remember, great music, great food, great company.


To read the presentation of the history Mill Pond and Overbrook Shores click HERE

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